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The design for this first one cent coin was suggested by Benjamin Franklin.

and for over two centuries.

the penny ’s design has symbolized the spirit of the nation.


the Lincoln Penny was made mainly of copper. In the.

an interesting thing happened. Due to the overwhelming outbreak of expenses during WWII.

the U.S

You can find various designs before the US Mint started Wheat penny production. This initial design occurred to years of Abraham Lincoln ’s birth and came into history as the first .

The “Lincoln Memorial” penny design was introduced This design was last made and replaced by the Lincoln Bicentenni

Goodbye to production of the Lincoln Cent article has been debunked the question is the same MarkW 1.

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The Fascinating History of Lincoln Penny The Lincoln penny is certainly one of the most illustrious coins ever produced
and it’s one of .

the Mint started production on the Lincoln Memorial design that we know of today. This redesign came as a complete surprise to the public and was initially released on.

the .

It first entered circulation. It has endured with the same obverse design ever since.

making it the longest running coin type in U S history
and placing it among the most enduring coin types in world

Background The “Union Shield” theme is the current design of the U S one cent coin The U S Mint first issued this

The image of Abraham Lincoln on today’s American pennies was designed by Victor David Brenner

an acclaimed medalist who emigrated to the United States from .

Congress issued the first iteration of the American penny.

which was reportedly designed by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself. Referred to .

Lincoln Wheat Penny Value Rarity.

Mint Marks.


and Essential Tips for Collectors and Enthusiasts By Chronicle Collectibles .

Professional Life in Illinois 1830 1861 Presidency in Washington.

D.C. 1861 1865 The circulating version of these coins uses the same metal content as other .

The design for this first one cent coin was suggested by Benjamin Franklin

and for over two centuries.

the penny s design has symbolized the spirit of the nation


Rare Pennies Read on to find out what makes coins the most valuable U S pennies

based on.

records and auction sales figures 1914 S Lincoln Penny 1944 D

After the United States Mint facility at San Francisco.

Lincoln pennies
the initials on the reverse were removed This change in the design created an instant scarcity Some may argue that S

History of Indian Head Penny The US Mint’s fourth Chief Engraver
After that year

the famous Lincoln penny replaced this beautiful old coin Unlike cents you can see nowadays

the first pieces minted

were larger than a half dollar coin

only the Philadelphia mint produced Indian head pennies

Wheat Penny..

a lean year for Lincoln penny production in San Francisco. The San Francisco mint struck.

pennies that year.

creating what many collectors would later regard a very important and eventually pricey “key” Lincoln cent 1931 S

the lowest .

The History of Wheat Pennies Minted
Lincoln wheat pennies were among the longest running United States coin series in history The Lincoln cent was designe

These zinc coated steel cents are numismatic icons that any collector can afford 1 of them were struck

steel cents
218 D steel pennies .

the U S Mint stopped producing half cent coins which

according to the historical information calculator at MeasuringWorth com
had a purchasing power of 0 15 dollars At the time it was eliminated
the “useless” halfpenny could buy as much pennies can today..

2 Lincoln Cent Many coin collectors know that World War II had an impact on American coinage Not only were five cent

silver alloy

but the penny also briefly got a new composition for one year

A copper shortage prompted the mint to switch the one cent coin to a steel .

In fact

with the exceptions of major errors and varieties.

no Lincoln wheat penny struck is worth more cents in worn condition. Most are worth.

cents. Well steel pennies often trade.

cents apiece in well worn condition. But chances are any of the Lincoln Wheat cents you’ve found in pocket .

7 Lincoln Cent 75

steel penny is more common than the Steel Wheat penny. Image USA CoinBook. pennies made of steel were officially a one year only production.

as the mint switched back to a bronze alloy 95 copper.



Wing did find a penny much rarer than the S VDB. As Wing s son tells it today.

Wing years old when he made his rare penny find The penny was S
but it was composed of copper rather than the expected zinc coated steel Wing took the coin to his local coin dealer
who made him a very generous

9 Centsible Reasons to Get Rid of the Penny. Pennies don t buy as much as they used to

a penny purchased a little more than a quarter does today.

cents. Producing the penny costs taxpayers money

each penny produced to make and distribute

the Mint. pennies.

The “ Lincoln Memorial” penny design was introduced This design was last made and replaced by the Lincoln Bicentenn

This design was created by Victor David Brenner the same artist responsible for the design of the original Lincoln Penny

Pennies were produced in three different mints Philadelphia
San Francisco.

and the Denver Mint Mint marks can be found on the reverse side of the coin under the words One Cent

While a regular Lincoln penny might fetch

cents again

times more than its face value the special copper versions fetched 204.


As always
the value of coins could depend on grade and condition When it comes to S steel cent
it is worth 399.

average condition and could be worth more than 1 11million in an MS

according to USA Coin Book..

one in an MS sold for a record 408.

a Heritage Auction..

It’s likely that an entire run.

were printed this way
he said. That makes them much easier to find than Doubled Die coins. Bucki estimates that Close AM coin .

Although market prices have eased over the last few years

this renewed interest has kept values and prices pretty stable over time. Any wheat penny is worth at cents to most dealers. Given the popularity of collecting Lincoln Wheat cents.

there will always be a demand for quality coins Therefore

collect coins in the highest grade .


English instrument maker
Jesse Ramsden 1735 1800 invented the first satisfactory screw cutting lathe
and went on to inspire other inventors..

Englishman Henry Maudslay 1771 1831 invented a large screw cutting lathe that made it possible to mass produce accur

American machinist David .

Keep in mind.

one of the reasons that Lincoln was chosen to be the subject of a new small cent was that it was th anniversary of his birth. A lot of publicity surrounded the launch of this new penny.

and many people saved them
enthusiasm for saving new Lincoln cents decreased and many of these coins ended up .

The record price for copper.

aka bronze cent is 329.

000 for an AU55BN coin. The PCGS price estimate for these coins is 200.

000 300
000 As for S

the record is 282.

000 .

The story of U S circulating coins began long before the opening of a national mint Before national coinage
a mix of foreign and domestic coins circulated.

both during the Colonial Period and in the years following the Revolutionary War After Congress established the U S M
the Mint struggled for many years to

The San Francisco Mint made circulating coins with the “S” mint mark After that.

they produced “S” circulating coins from 1968 1974 pennies 1968 1970 nickels 1979 1981 dollars

proof coin production moved from the Philadelphia Mint to San Francisco and proof coins gained the “S” mint mark..

Due to the overwhelming outbreak of expenses during WWII

the U S government authorized the U S Mint to manufacture coins out of steel
producing a coin with a silver colored tint The key dates in the Lincoln Wheat Penny series include S


S. Furthermore.

the cent .

The effort took years.

but eventually found success. The first American Eagles were issued in both gold and silver. The US Mint. silver Eagles in the first year. Production ranged per year for most of the first decade. These US mint coins for sale.

have become the most popular coin in the .

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